Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery in Bolingbrook, IL

Oral surgery has been used on patients since ancient and medieval times. Today it is a common procedure performed daily in dentist offices across America. Surgery is necessary when there are dental problems that can’t be resolved with cleanings, scaling or other non-invasive treatments. Oral surgeons use X-rays to pinpoint the problem within the gums, jaw, bone tissue or teeth, and resolve them with surgical procedures at the dentist’s office. Learn more about oral surgery and how it can benefit your dental health.

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Types of Oral Surgery
There are a number of procedures that fall under the umbrella of oral and maxillofacial surgery. Most either involve removing something that’s causing a problem or adding something that will help reconstruct your smile. Here are a few of the most common types of oral surgery:

-Removal of wisdom teeth
-Extraction of an infected tooth
-Periodontal surgery to clear up infections
-Bone grafting surgery to reinforce and regrow bone tissue
-Installation of dental implants
-Surgery to relieve pain due to TMJ disorder
-Removal of cysts, tumors or other growths in the mouth

Other kinds of oral surgery can correct problems with upper facial features such as the nose and cheek.

In addition to correcting jaw problems surgically, orthodontic appliances such as braces may be needed to restore the bite relationship and ensure continued proper alignment of the jaw. In some cases, tiny wires or small rubber bands may be needed to keep the jaws in place and promote faster healing. In other cases, small "fixation" screws or plates may need to be inserted into the jaws to facilitate easy movement of the jaws following surgery.

Benefits of Oral Surgery
Oral surgery allows your dentist to remove problems that are causing pain or discomfort and give your mouth a chance to heal. Some procedures help restructure your smile to improve your overall facial appearance. Many patients are happy to learn that most oral surgeries will happen in the comfort of the dentist’s office, instead of a hospital. 

In extreme cases, maxillofacial surgery, including bone grafts, manipulation of soft tissues, or even jaw realignment, may be performed to correct such problems.

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