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By Bolingbrook Dental Care
December 19, 2014
Category: Dental Procedures
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People have wanted to straighten and perfect their teeth since the ancient times. In modern times a number of advances in orthodontic science have made it easier to get the beautiful smile that you’ve always wanted. Here are four things that you probably didn't know about braces that might make you want to call Bolingbrook orthodontics Dr. Rani Seeth, DDS today for your first consultation appointment.braces

1. Braces Aren't Just for Kids
One common myth about braces is that they're only for young children and teens. It is true that orthodontists often recommend braces for school-aged children, as it will help aid in the development of their teeth, but the truth is that you can get braces at any age. The only requirement is that your teeth and gums are strong enough to manage the treatment.

2. Ceramic and Clear Braces Are Available 
Many people don't know that metal-colored braces aren't the only option for traditional orthodontics. Bolingbrook orthodontics Dr. Seeth also offers ceramic braces. The benefit of ceramic braces is that they are a little less conspicuous—they’re sometimes available in clear plastic coloring instead of metal. Patients who are concerned about the appearance of their teeth during the treatment can also ask about Invisalign braces as an alternative to standard braces—they use clear plastic instead of metal brackets.

3. You Can Pay in Monthly Installments
If you're concerned about the cost of getting braces, you may be encouraged to learn that orthodontists often offer their patients convenient monthly payment plans. Since you'll have to visit your dentist each month for your appointments, simply make your payment then. CareCredit is also available at Bolingbrook Dental Care.

4. Wearing a Retainer Each Night Post-Treatment Will Keep Your Smile Beautiful
One of the most excited dental appointments you’ll experience is the day your braces come off. After your braces treatment is complete, your orthodontist will make a special retainer for you to wear each night when you go to bed. The more you wear your retainer in your down time, the better your chances of maintaining the look of your beautiful new smile for a lifetime.

Find Out if Braces Are for You
If you’re unhappy with your smile and believe that an orthodontics treatment will help, contact Bolingbrook orthodontics Dr. Rani Seeth, DDS today at (630) 739-5500 or by visiting the office’s website at http://www.bolingbrookdentalweb.com for more information.

By Bolingbrook Dental Care
December 16, 2014
Category: Dental Procedures

Oral surgery is a procedure that is performed on the inside of the mouth, usually involving the teeth, gums, jaw or tongue. The dentists of Bolingbrook Dental Care offer a number of dental services to their patients, including oral surgery. Here are a few of the most common services you can expect from an oral surgeon.

Periodontal Surgery
When patients are diagnosed with advanced periodontitis, oftentimes their last hope to save their teeth is periodontal surgery. TMJPeriodontitis is a disease of the gums that can lead to tooth loss if it’s not treated. During periodontal surgery the dentist removes bad tissue and bacteria from the jawline and gums so that new, healthy tissue can grow. In some cases bone grafting may be used to help regenerate bone tissue.

TMJ & Jaw Correction Surgery
Another common service that oral surgeons provide is TMJ surgery. TMJ is a sometimes painful condition that causes the jaw to click and make sounds. Bolingbrook dentist Dr. Rani Seeth specializes in jaw correction surgery, which is aimed at fixing bone structure problems in a patient’s skull that causes misaligned teeth and protruding teeth.

Dental Implantation and Denture Correction
Oral surgeons also perform dental implantation surgery. Dental implants are titanium rods that are placed into the jawbone. The surgeon must carefully insert the rod into the bone beneath the gums to ensure that it will heal properly. Additionally, dental surgeons can fix what is called “denture fatigue” with surgery to help regenerate gum and bone tissue that makes it more comfortable to wear dentures.

Oral Surgery in Bolingbrook
If you’re in need of a qualified and trusted oral surgeon, contact the comfortable and convenient office of Bolingbrook Dental Care. They are highly trained and qualified to take care of a wide range of oral health needs. You can reach the office at (630) 739-5500 or by requesting an appointment online at http://www.bolingbrookdentalweb.com today.