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When Oral Surgery Is Necessary

To most people, oral surgery sounds like a nightmare. However, it's a fact that most people will need oral surgery at least once in their life. To be prepared for any oral surgery it is important to learn about the different types. It also helps to have some of the best oral surgeons in Bolingbrook, IL, Dr. Manju Suresh, Dr. Prabha Singh, and Dr. Rani Seeth of Bolingbrook Dental Care at your side.

Reasons for Oral Surgery:

  • Impacted tooth
  • Wisdom tooth removal
  • Tooth loss
  • Tooth or gum disease
  • Sleep apnea
  • Jaw pain or realignment

Oral surgery is an extremely common practice that can address a myriad of dental conditions. For example, an impacted wisdom tooth commonly brings people to their local oral surgeon. A quick surgery can remove that painfully awkward tooth and restore your health with only a small recovery period. Compared to other medical surgeries, oral surgery usually is less invasive and less debilitating. If you suffer from any of the conditions above, ask your dentist how oral surgery can help.

When Should You Get Oral Surgery

You will know when oral surgery is necessary if your mouth is causing you extreme pain. This pain could be a symptom of many things so you should visit your Bolingbrook dentist as soon as possible. Once your doctor determines the cause of your condition they might want to perform oral surgery. You may need gum surgery or dental implant surgery. If it is a much deeper issue, you may need a complex jaw realignment surgery or jaw bone repair. Those who have been in a serious accident could need immediate surgery.

Sometimes, however, we may hold off on that dentist visit because we believe the problem will go away. This is a terrible mistake because your issues will only cause you more trouble in the future and require more extensive surgery. Always keep your dentist up to date on any new or developing mouth pain.

How to Prepare for Oral Surgery

If you are required to get oral surgery you should prepare yourself and your home for the most optimal recovery. Make sure that your house is clean and comfortable so you can rest for a few days if necessary. Follow your dentist's pre-surgery instructions. You will usually have to fast for 8-10 hours before your surgery, and you might not be able to eat certain foods after so make sure to have easy to eat food at home. Transportation from a friend or family member is also highly recommended, especially if you are taking a strong anesthetic. Overall, oral surgery is nothing to fear. It is just another way dentists help you stay healthy and happy.

To learn more about oral surgery call or visit Bolingbrook Dental Care where Dr. Suresh, Dr. Singh, and Dr. Seeth can use their expertise to solve your dental issues. Call Bolingbrook Dental Care in Bolingbrook, IL, at (630) 739-5500

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