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Root Canals Treat Infected Teeth

Don’t let an infection or serious decay take away your tooth. Preserve your smile with a root canal treatment.

No one wants to get a root canal but there are many scenarios in which your Bolingbrook dentist may recommend it in order to protect Root Canalthe health of your tooth and the rest of your smile. Even though you’ve probably heard a lot of negative things about root canals, we are here to set the record straight about this common procedure.

Why do I need a root canal?

Your Bolingbrook, IL dentist may advise you to have root canal treatment if the pulp, or inside of the tooth, has become inflamed or infected. The dental pulp is the center of the tooth that consists of connective tissue, nerves and blood vessels. A pulp may become inflamed or infected if:

  • There is a deep cavity present
  • If you’ve had multiple dental procedures performed on the same tooth (which can weaken the tooth over time)
  • You have a fractured or cracked tooth
  • The tooth has sustained direct impact or trauma

What happens during a root canal?

This procedure is usually performed in one to three visit and requires us to drill through the harder layers of your tooth to get into the pulp chamber. Once inside, we can gently remove the diseased pulp and then disinfect the inside of the tooth to remove any bacteria, pus or other debris. Once the tooth is thoroughly free of infection we will begin to rebuild the tooth. Most teeth that receive root canal treatment will require a dental crown in order to restore full function back into the weakened tooth. A separate visit will be required in order to place your crown.

Are root canals painful?

This minor treatment is performed right here in our office under local anesthesia. While many people find root canals to be intimidating we are here to tell you that it’s really no more difficult than having a tooth filled. Root canals are performed all the time and your Bolingbrook dentist knows what to do to make sure that you don’t feel a thing.

Furthermore, most patients requiring a root canal come into our office with serious dental pain. The purpose of treatment is to offer relief. By going into the tooth and removing the pulp and cleaning the inside of the tooth pain relief is often immediate.

Whether you are experiencing dental pain or you just need to schedule your next cleaning the dental experts at Bolingbrook Dental Care are here to give you that perfect, healthy smile.

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